Monday, 5 August 2013

Colours of the Rainbow - Tag: VIDEO

Just a quick video hope you all enjoy!

Thanks for watching!

Some of my real work ;)

i did this all purple make-up the other day really randomly, if any one wants a tutprial on this please let me know!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Make-Up for Blue Eyes

Hello every one!
my friend lara has lovely blue eyes so I thought I would give you a few tips on how to make your blue eyes stand out! Enjoy
(SIDE NOTE: I actually filmed the application of her make-up but problems with editing, DAMN YOU WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER! means that I can't...)

1. Too Faced Shadow insurance primer (£17.00) I used this on laras lids, to make the eye shadows show up more intense and last longer, the MUA eye primer is just as good however and fraction of the price at £2.50!

2. Too faced Insurance Policy pallete (£23.50) I used the shade "Socialite"(I didn't realise how expensive this eye-shadow palette is I got a too faced set in T.K. Maxx for £7.99 which had this and a bunch of other too faced products like the bronzer and primer, so keep a look out for the deals!) 

- any copper shade will do, to make blue eyes stand out using a colour with a orangy-red undertone, will really clash with the eye colour and make it pop! See below how the blues are on the opposite side of the colour wheel to the orange and red! 

I Applied the colour all over the lid and also on the inner half of her lower lash line. it really made her eyes POP

3. MAC Mystery e/s (£10.00/£12.50) - I used this to deepen up the look, and blended it into the outer half of Laras lid and also on the outer half of her lower lash line.

4. Dior Show Extase Mascara (£23.00) - This was laras own mascara and looked lovely on her lashes.

(I filled Laras eyebrows in with Naked and Buck from the NAKED Palette.)

1. GOSH Foundation Primer (£12.99-on offer at the moment for £7.99) - I've talked about this primer so much, I'm going to write a blog post on it soon :)

2. Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation (£5.99) - I used Laras own foundation, I'll be honest with you, it was awful so I mixed in some MAC Studio Scuplt to help me work with it a bit better.

3. Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer (£7.49) - this concealer is great for people who have trouble with there concealer creasing under their eyes as it has a cream to powder finish, which I think Is really unique, I used this on Laras under eye area and on any blemishes.

4. Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot Powder (£12.00) - THE BEST POWDER EVER. I used this down her t-zone just to set the foundation and concealer we used before.

5. Bourjois Delice de poudre Bronzing Powder - also known as the "Chocolate Bronzer" (£6.99) - I used this to warm up Laras complexion slightly 

6. MAC Well Dressed Blush (£18.00) - This is one of my all time favourite Blushes, its a lovely cool-toned pink that i think went with her eye make-up really well 
7. MAC Extra-Dimension Skinfinish in Definitely Defined (Ldt. Ed) - This is a beautiful product I used to highlight her cheekbones, this product is limited edition but any other mac skinfinishes would do the trick too.

1. MAC Lipstick in HUE (£15.00) - this is a soft pale pink that I though really suited lara and the eye make-up.

2. Benefit Dandelion lipgloss (£14.50) - I applied this on top of HUE for some extra shine.


I hope you found this helpful and thank you for reading!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

My Everyday Make-Up: VIDEO

I filmed a short video showing how I do my everyday make-up :)
One thingI will say, I wasn't too pleased with the Lo'real foundation, it was my second time using it, its a tad heavy... blog post soon ;) 

Thank you for watching!

what are some of your favourite everyday products?