Friday, 16 March 2012

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Review UK (& Comparison)

First Blog post!

So I was in Superdrug yesterday and I saw the staff putting out a display of the new Maybelline Color Tattoos.
So naturally I swanned over and took a look at all the shades. 
I am very familiar with the shades over in the US after watching endless reviews, so the first thing I noticed was the changing of the names of each shade. I found this odd and pointless, especially considering they were still named 'Color' and not 'Colour'. So why go to the trouble of changing all the names and leaving the spelling of the actual product. IT'S A MYSTERY IS WHAT IT IS.

I picked up 2 shades, the shades I already knew I would buy before seeing them.

On and on Bronze (Bad to the Bronze) - A lovely bronze that leans towards the grey side I LOVE THIS COLOUR, quickly become my everyday lid colour.

And Permanent Taupe (Tough as Taupe) - a gorgeous matte browny/grey/purple taupe. VERY rare to find    a matte cream shade such as this

These eyeshadows are described as being a 'GEL-CREAM EYESHADOW' which is exactly what they are, they're not quite cream, not quite gel, which is why I love them.
They claim to last for 24HOURS - which to be quite frank.. is a load of bollocks, although they are water proof and last a long time, say roughly 8-10, I do find the intensity of the colour wearing off at this point.
In Superdrug these retail for £5.99 each which is excellent considering the quality, I couldn't find these in my boots, which is just as well because I used my student discount and got them for £4.49 - CHEAP AS CHIPS if you ask me!

 (Permanent Taupe - On and on Bronze)

they have a nice heavy glass pot with a plastic lid, much like any other cream/gel eyeshadow.

lemme break it down for y'all...

Maybelline Colour Tattoo - Gel-Cream Eyeshadow - 4g - £5.99

Stila Smudge Pot - Gel Liner (but I use it as an eyeshadow) - 4g - £13.00

Benefit Creasless Cream - Shadow/Liner - 4.50g - £14.00

MAC Paint Pot - ? - 5g - £14.50

 (Maybelline On and on Bronze, Benefit Stilleto, Stila Kitten, MAC Painterly)

(Maybelline On and on Bronze, Benefit Stilleto, Stila Kitten, MAC Painterly)

(MAC Painterly, Benefit Stilleto, Maybelline On and on Bronze, Stila Kitten)

So all in all, these eyeshadows are pretty much all similer, but I find the MAC paint pot a little thinner in consistency and the Benefit creaseless cream shadow/line a bit thicker (creamier).
The stila smudge pot however is just an odd texture all together and slightly drier.

IN CONCRUSION - I think everyone needs to defiantly check out this product it's well worth it, you're getting a high-end product at drugstore prices WOOOO


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