Sunday, 26 August 2012

Beauty Personality Sunday

Every Sunday I'm going to start a Beauty Personality Sunday and tell you about who I have been loving that week :) Fun huh?
SO I thought why not start with my favourite beauty guru of all time...


If you didn't know, which you probably do, Tanya Burr is Pixi2woo on YouTube with a load of subscribers and is pretty amazing.
She is a really talented make-up artist and is always uploading wonderful tutorials, I love her videos and get pretty excited when she uploads new ones. She is really girly and fun to watch.
I trust her opinion a lot when it comes to products.
I'm talking as if my opinion has any value haha! but I really wanted to talk about her.
I am a woman obsessed! 

So if you live under a rock and haven't checked her out, I suggest you do so!

Tanya Burr's: Twitter:


  1. I think she has beautiful hair!

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  2. I love watching Tanya's beauty tutorials too!

  3. Tanya! She's amazing haha She was just featured in one of my posts too as you know :)

    I agree that she gives great advice about beauty.

    Lots of love :)

    1. She really is,
      I saw you featured Tanya too!
      I'm a big fan x

  4. I share your love of Tanya Burr, she's amazing! I always rely on her recommendations with products.

    I love the layout of your blog the background's so pretty! I've given you a follow would be great if you followed me back <3 xoxo

    1. thank you so much, I just wish I knew how to make a header :( oh well.
      Yeah I'll check your blog out now :D